Thursday, October 6, 2011

Group 5 - Explosion

Every step was filled with trepidation as I walked towards the office. As soon as I stepped into the room, the atmosphere seemed darker than a stormy night. I sank onto the purple velvet chair in front of a busy desk piled with tremendous amount of paperwork. I panned my view across the room and took a quick glance at my boss‘ freckled face. A picture speaks a thousand words; in that split second, a flood of emotions were on her grim face. Her wrinkled fingers left an enclosed envelope with my name on it in front of me. Her lips parted and calmly said “Good afternoon, Bim. How are you?” I felt my stomach flutter as she said my name. “I’m alright.” That was obviously a lie. She responded with remorse “I’m sorry, Bim, but your services here are no longer required. I would really like to thank you for your contributions to the company for the past dozen of years.” In my head, I thought, “What did I do to deserve this? Why only me?”

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