Thursday, July 21, 2011

Intensive Reading Chapter 3 - Rayner Tan(21)

If you were asked to disagree with the point of view of this passage, what would you say? What are the assumption(s) made that you may not agree with?
Remember to give a thesis statement, & give supporting evidence and examples to support your answer.

I agree with the author to a certain extent. Although it is true that the people who live with us impact much of our lives, the people whom we meet everyday, like our friends or teachers, also have huge impact in our lives.

Our parents do indeed influence our thinking, our habits and our actions. Sometimes, our ambitions and dreams might even be influenced by our parents. For example, I was influenced by my father to aim for working in a engineering line, be it in a company making software, or in a factory assembling hardware. You can simply say my love for computers came from my father. But bad habits also come from parents. Simple things such as not washing used plates immediately, or piling up piles of paper or other things and only tidying things once in awhile can come from parents. If a parent is untidy, chances are that the child is untidy as they have no one to model the way and start the cleaning habit. But not all things come from parents, sometimes they come from your friends.

We spend most of our day in school, not at home. The people whom we regularly meet outside such as friends or teachers, impact our lives in many ways. Peer pressure from friends is one of the many impacts. You may be asked by your friends to do something, like a dare to draw on the wall, or something more serious like getting addicted to smoking. They come to you in groups and often do not let you go off until you agreed. So friends do affect you, via peer pressure. But it is not always negative impact. Sometimes it's positive. Example, when a you are in trouble, your friend with good morale values comes along. He/she will often give you good advice, that will also improve your character. Example when you get into a conflict with an annoying classmate, you start hating him and plan to do things to him that is wrong. Your friend knows about it and advices you to forgive and forget. So friends can impact you in many ways, both positive and negative. Just like 

Teachers also impact your thinking, they teach you about respect and other morale values, they help to resolve conflicts among your fellow classmates. Especially your form teacher, who takes time to get to know everyone of you to give each of you advice that fits only you.

As you can see form the above 3 points, parents or people who you live with are not the only source of influence. What makes you, you, is your environment. You parents, friends, and teachers all impact how you think, how you behave, and what you believe in. You are a mixture of all those people.

- Rayner

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