Thursday, July 21, 2011

Intensive Reading Chapter 3 - Jun Hong

1. I disagree with the author’s notes in page 88, 89 of the book “Chicken Soup for Teenagers”. The biggest impact on us is NOT our parents but its actually our society that have the largest impact on our morale. Why I said that our society has the greatest impact on us? Society can be grouped into 3 categories: Friends, Teachers and Other People.

Friends have great impact on you and they have great persuasion skills to make you do what they want through influence. If refused, they will forced you through peer pressure and you will submit to it, if your mental strength is not strong enough to resist the temptation of trying out something new. One example could be smoking. Most smokers smoke for the first time at college or university. Why? Massive peer pressure and stress and the fact that smoking is popular among young adults.

Teachers could have influence on your morale too. They usually say that respect oneself and others. Be polite. Don’t be greedy. They develop your morale. The worst mistake a teacher could make is to defy whatever they have said that they assumed it was right. One example is greed. Some teachers could be power-hungry, wanting a higher position in society. When a student sees that, they would follow, if their moral foundation is not strong.

Other people in the society could have influence over you too. The littlest things that the society does to show their first impression on us. As you know, our society is at a downfall. People criticizes much more sarcastically (not constructively). When someone has a bad first impression of you, they criticize harshly. A person with not much moral strength would not be able to stand the embarrassment or the torture of being the odd one out. He/she would want to change his/her looks. The person has low self-esteem and no self-love. Trends in society could also influence us too. For example, the newest trend coming soon: iPhone 5. Everyone would jump for it and those without it would be left behind feeling sorry about themselves, that is what most people will do.

2. Family disappointment is very tough to handle with. I want to comment on the suggestions that were given to cope for the disappointment is on page 79 of the book “Chicken Soup for Teenagers” :

  • Take it easy on yourself, especially if you’re feeling down. Do something that makes you feel good about yourself.
  • No matter what the situation, try and find some sort of positive way to look at it.
  • Know that everyone goes through disappointment, and the feelings that go along with it won’t last forever.
  • Find a healthy way to express your emotions: Write in your journal, do something creative, go for a walk, talk to someone.
  • Try to keep things in perspective. One way to do this is to take the time to write down one thing every day that you are thankful for. It can be something as big as an important person in your life to something as small as the Oreo cookie you had for dessert.

I agree with the first suggestion. It is practical and most probably the most effective “therapy” for disappointment. When you do something that you like, it boosts your self-esteem. Confidence will be built up this way. Its slow but steady work.

I agree with the second suggestion. But there are some constraints. Some people may not have the imagination to picture the positive aspect of it. But I know I can. Some people cannot do it because they are raised in a negative environment.

I disagree with the third suggestion. I know that everyone goes through disappointment but the feeling of disappointment could really last forever depending on how severe the disappointment is or the attitude of the person.

I disagree with the fourth suggestion. I don’t like writing journals, finding something creative to do, go for a walk or talk about something very personal to someone you are not comfortable talking about. Usually, my way of expressing emotions is to lie in bed and be reminiscing about the good times I had. But it is making me feel more worthless about myself.

I disagree with the last suggestion. I don’t want to write down what I am thankful for because I cannot remember the trivial things that I have done in my life. So far there is not a thing that I have not listed in my head I am thankful for.

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