Friday, July 22, 2011

Intensive Reading 03 - Hardy(14)

I disagree with the author' who stated, "Like it or not, it’s our parents, not our friends, who have the biggest impact on who we are as teens and who we become as adults." I think that, through her point of view, she assumes that every little thing teens do had been cultivated through the influence of their parents. I do not agree with that assumption. I believe that a child, when growing up to the teen, would be greatly influenced not by their parents specifically, but rather the people who he or she looks up to, or spends the most time with. 

Firstly, it would not be right to say that teens are fully influenced by their parents as it is arguable from this perspective. By right, teens actually spend more time in school with peers per week than with their parents. Thus, one could argue with the author that teens could also have gotten more influence from peers rather than parents. Despite the fact that their parents always try to model the way for teens, teens might also get more influence from peers through peer pressure or sheer liking of their peers.

Secondly, the majority of a teen's peers are of the same age as him or her. On the other hand, teens' and their parents' age are usually far apart. So, most teens might have the mentality that their peers would understand them better than their parents. Thus, they would probably look up to their peers more and tend to be more influenced by their peers, regardless whether their actions are good or bad.

In conclusion, I disagree with the author's assumption. Our parents are not the only people in the world influencing us and certainly also not the biggest influences for us in the world.

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