Saturday, July 2, 2011

Extensive Reading Questions (Christopher John)

What are your thoughts and feelings about being depression, loneliness, heartbreaks, being different from your peers, and having to put up a front? How do/would you deal with some of these issues.

In my opinion, these issues are very real and important because many people suffer from these problems. All of these problems come from the way you act, from the words you speak and more importantly, from the mind.

Your actions will result in the way that people will treat you. Take for example, if you are aloof, proud and stubborn, do not expect people to come near you. The words you speak can hurt people or help people. If you are someone who spreads bad rumours, speaks bad things about other people, people tend to avoid you.

When people keep away from a person, the person will feel lonely, different from his/ her peers and will often put up a front so as to be accepted. Depression often comes after this.

Our mind can give us problems or it can give us solutions. Most people when they encounter problems, they use the tactic of “sweeping the problem under the carpet”. This will cause alot of problems as it will come out in the future as a bigger problem. It can cause mental blocks, irrational fear etc.

Many people in their young age suffer from slight depression. Most of them just “sweep” them into a secluded corner of their mind where they will forget about their depression temporarily. This depression will come back with a vengeance after some time, depending on how difficult the person’s life is. This is when depression comes to a critical level and people will need to seek help immediately. However, some people continue to push their depression to secluded corners of their mind. This cycle of pushing their depression into hidden corners of their minds will continue on and on until one day, this depression which had started out being very small is so large and strong that it will overcome the person’s reasoning and will eventually lead to insanity or attempted suicide.

In my opinion, whenever we face a problem, we should talk it out to someone. We can talk it out to our parents, to our teachers, to our friends and even to our pets! I know it may seem like a joke but it actually works! If you really do not have anyone to talk to, write down your problems on paper and after 10 minutes or so, read the problem that you have written down and look at it in the third person. It helps.


  1. 1) The passage is structured. It has a distinct introduction, a body and conclusion.
    2) Thoughts was shared about the various issues.
    3) Opinions were given, including some suggested solutions.
    4) Yes. The thesis statement could be related to the conclusion. The passage could also do without the statement.
    5) He did use topic sentences but they weren't quite obvious.
    6) Yes, he did. He said it was best to talk it out with someone else.
    7) No he didn't, either that or it was not obvious.
    8) There were not much reasoning to talk about.
    9) He did not, he only suggested who to talk to but did not suggest some guiding questions on how to start the conversation or how to continue it.

  2. I feel that these emotions are often faced by the teenagers. As they are going through puberty, they might think the the "children world" is too childish, and the "adult world" is to different to understand. Because of this, they feel lonely and not understood.