Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Extensive Reading (Chapter 1) - Niklaus Teo

What are your thoughts and feelings about being depression, loneliness, heartbreaks, being different from your peers, and having to put up a front? How do/would you deal with some of these issues.

I feel that depression, loneliness, heartbreaks, being different from your peers, and having to put up a front Is something that not everyone can understand. When you do actually feel it, it causes you to focus on whatever feelings that you feel. It makes you think about it and think of what to do next. 
Some emotions like depression and loneliness are very extreme emotions that causes people to actually have a dramatic alter in their behaviour and sometimes having deadly consequences. Ultimately its all down to two things. The  outside factors and the inside factors. 

 The inner factors basically lies in the person in question. Some people feel certain types of emotions more easily than others. It is wrong to say they cannot feel that way, because ultimately everyone is different. It is who we are, but what can be done is to be self aware about oneself. Reflect on what you have been doing and try to find the cause of your feelings. After that you'll need to be able to have the mental strength to get back on your feets and move on. Having friends that care would definitely be of help, but if you yourself choose not to believe in yourself. Chances are you will either be in that state of emotion for a long time or you will easily revert back to it. Perceptions is another thing I think will cause you to think in a negative manner. Sometimes the solutions to problems could be the change in perceptions of your thinking, because everything isnt as it seems. 

The outside factors referring to the general surroundings that the people face. Sometimes there are people who bully and tease others. Or there could be a general hate for certain characteristics or believes. All of these actions contributes to the outside environment. I think that we can do our part in helping others whenever they are in need of help. We shouldn't be the ones acting negatively or in a hurting manner on purpose. 

Just as I said in the first paragraph, certain people may not understand certain emotions. Just because you havent experienced negative emotions in your life doesnt mean you will never experience it. It can hit you right smack in the face anytime. These emotions are not created by someone or something but rather by yourself. It is up to you to choose how you want to feel and what you want to do, because the solution will always lie in you. 

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  1. There are some grammatical errors here and there but overall it's all right. You answered both questions from an unbiased point of view that is a little limited because you focused a lot on the emotional aspect of the situation. Both the inferences, interpretation and assumptions are reasonable, though for some there are little support and examples. The overall concept was delivered clearly.