Monday, July 4, 2011

Extensive Reading (Chapter 1) - Choi Min Suk

I feel that depression, loneliness, heartbreaks, being different from your peers, and having to put up a front and very common these days, especially among teens. There are many reasons leading to these, but there are the more common ones.

Depression is when a person is in extreme sadness. Usually when in depression, you want other people to know the pain that is going through you yet you do not want to tell them. You are embarrassed to tell them, as they may make fun of you or something. Sometimes, to solve this you h have to force yourself to consult someone about the matter or you may never get out of that state.
Loneliness is when you feel that no one is there for you and you have no friends. This usually occurs when there is a break up in friendship and the friendship is betrayed. The person who got 'betrayed' will tend to distant themselves from other, fearing that the same thing might happen again. Sometimes, just forgetting about and moving on with life is the best. You cannot let such a small matter stop you from progressing on in life.
Heartbreaks usually occur when a love relationship is broken, or if the person who has a crush on the other finds out that he or she is with another person. This should not be the case for youngsters, but there of course is some cases. A girl has a crush on a boy, then the girl realize the boy likes another girl, then the girl's heart breaks and the end. Sounds like a sad ending fairy tale but it is a very serious case as it may affect their studies. In fact, a BGR should not even occur during school age and they should just concentrate on their studies.
Being different from other occurs for people who have special things about their body, like handicap or needing a special device to support them. People may look down on them and make fun of them, not thinking from the different people's perspective. There is not much of a way but to ignore these people. There should be other people who are kind and thoughtful whom can be made friends with.
Putting up a front happens when you are either of them above but you do want to show it. Usually when you put up a front people do not know the reason, or sometimes they do not even know that you are suffering inside. You will be happy in front of others but will show your true colors somewhere where you are alone like in your room. You should confront a trusted person and not suffer alone.

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  1. There was an general introduction but no conclusion. Personal thoughts and feelings were reflected in this blogpost. A thesis statement is to one's self preference but I feel that topic sentences will definitely guide the reader through.