Thursday, June 30, 2011

Thoughts on Depression and such by Hardy Shein

In my opinion, many of these cases of depression is due to thinking about one's social issues either excessively (over-reacting) or just being unfamiliar with some negative feelings. Though I am not in the position to say anything as I have not experienced precisely what the writers have described, I think it's all about which is more important to the person. Some might find their social status and relationships more important while others would spend less time thinking about those. In the case of putting up fronts, I think trying to bottle up and conceal your feelings is not the way to go as one might just be destroying oneself. I suggest the person consult the anyone she trusts like his or her parents,  teacher, counselor or even the person he or she is having problems with. That would at least bring us a step forward is resolving whatever issues we may have. Conclusion, it's not always good to keep all these negative feelings and eventually fall apart.

Disclaimer: Please forgive me if anyone has any form of disagreement. However, if so, please fill in the comments section. I am always open to your views! Thanks for reading :)

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  1. I agree on that point, and I must also say that over-reacting and depression can be a disillusion of self-pity. When one feels that things are not fair, he pities himself, and starts to conjure up a whole story of the world rejecting him. That's my opinion. So one must access the situation critically before drawing conclusions.