Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Preston's Introduction Video




  1. Voice: C
    Expression: C
    - Not really a variety of expressions.

    Fluency: B
    - Good fluency, quite smooth overall

    Non-Verbals: B
    Script/Audio Visual Aids if used: B

    - I can see you glancing sideways at something, as if a script (assumed to be)...

    Creativity in presentation: D

    - Sorry, but you did not really try to make your presentation engaging, all you did was to stand there and talk, could have used some stuff here and show it to the audience...

  2. Hey, just wanna say again, overall, great introduction video! Never knew you were a head prefect before :D

  3. I suppose it is never easy being in a position of responsibility and leadership. Rowdy lower primary kids? Er, I find the lower secondary students in SST rowdy enough! I cannot imagine having to teach 7-9 year olds at all!