Thursday, June 30, 2011

Preston - Extensive Reading Post

People only fall into depression when they experienced very bad moments, something which caused them to feel really bad, down, and sad, and most probably it would be really difficult to pull them up from “hell”. If one of our friends are to fall into a similar state, I would probably encourage him to think more positive thoughts, think of his/her favorite movie, music, or food. Play more games to ‘distract’ them from the low state, and spend more time with them to understand them better and find better solutions to their problems.
For me, I deal with stress and negative feelings by listening to my favorite music, playing my favorite games, etc. However, I myself feel that I am more vulnerable to depression as my "weakened" health is affecting me both physically and emotionally.

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  1. Good job on summarizing the entire chapter to such short but sweet "paragraph". Excellent explanation and personal feelings. However I personally feel that we should, instead of "distracting" them from their low state, why not try counseling them? I believe that counseling is more of a long term "stress reliever" rather then playing games. In anyways, its a job well done ;)

    Si Yuan