Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Christopher John's Intro

The link to my video is:


  1. Nice way to put virtual images in your video to emphasize your point. But I still support Smartphones :P Great job on the overall!

  2. Good idea in using the iphone and other pictures

    You could try to look less at the que cards

    Have more intonation in your speech

  3. It's good that you had taken time to plan and rehearsed this. Thank you.

  4. Thank you for your comments and suggestions.
    @ Hardy: Sorry about talking about Smartphones but please understand that I am not trying to say that Smartphones are not good. It is just that I really do not know how to use them as they seem complex to me. Once again, I am not very IT savvy.

    @ Davina: Thank you for your comment. I will ensure that in future presentations I will look less at que cards and I will also ensure that I will place more intonation into my speech. I know that I have not done a fantastic job this time and I will work harder on my presentation skills.

    @ Miss Patricia Ng: Thank you for your comment. I must say that I feel that I have not taken enough time to plan and rehearse. Nevertheless, I thank you for your kind comment.