Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Introduction Video - See To Yu Xiang (20)


Hello all,

The above link is to my video. @Miss Ng - Sorry for not meeting some of your requirements for this video, I made some errors, such as non-full body shot. I accidentally shot it in the wrong format, and as my mac had also crashed yesterday, I was forced to use my back-up MacBook today, sorry again.

Yu Xiang


  1. Very creative way of introducing yourself, you show your own abilities that some people do not have. Clear voice with subtitles, however I feel that the voice can be louder.

  2. Very creative and resonant. But the video is supposed to be a FULL BODY video. Seeto, you have show yourself in your whole video, not just your hands. I would be better if someone could see your posture or body language. At the first part, you could emphasize using actions and not stand there and lean back against the railing looking like a juvenile delinquent. I can hardly grade on the criteria of expression and Non-Verbals. Overall, pardoning the cons of your video, it was quite well done.