Monday, May 16, 2011

Newspaper Article Comments

Article 1: Taleban using Twitter in propaganda war

Basically, the Taleban group is now tweeting on Twitter on their latest news, which according to to the Taleban spokesman was intended to give real news not one-sided to the public.
I feel this is interesting as even this terrible Afghanistan group is starting to conform to new communication technology such as Twitter. They even had their own Facebook page but the company closed it down. This shows that the whole world is beginning to adopt updated communication mediums.

Article 2: Osama? Crew keeps mum

This is a funny headline because it sounds like the crew who killed Osama is keeping his mother. Actually, the article was about the crew being silent about what they did to his corpse.
This sparks controversies over the little described incident.

Tim Yap

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