Monday, May 16, 2011

News Paper Articles - Johanan Teo (16th May)

Roles Reversed as the young mentor the old

Many companies, especially food industries now are hiring the elderly. In the past, it is most likely for the elderly to mentor the new and younger workers. However, now times have changed and the younger people are coaching their seniors. This is because the companies feel that reverse mentoring can help junior executives to teach the rest of the team. This is because they are now hiring more and more senior people. These junior are more capable to handle machinery and electronics and they can pass their skills to the elderly so that they can work in the company. For example, the juniors teach the seniors how to operate the cash register and so on.

May 6-9, Hottest Days of the Year

May 6-9 was the hottest temperature Singapore reached in the past six years. Reaching to 35.3 degree celsius, people were seen all over the island cooling themselves. From playing at the water playground to eating ice-cream. People found ways to cool themselves on this warm day. It is said that a heat wave as covered the island and even though there are frequent rains, it does not reduce the temperature. It is advised to hydrate yourself and to keep cool when the weather is very hot and humid.

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