Monday, May 16, 2011

Commenting on Article: 'Planking' stunt leads to death fall in Australia & Clementi Mall draws 49000 visitors daily

'Planking' stunt leads to death fall in Australia

 This article is about a new craze sweeping the internet on online platforms, which is 'planking' It involves someone to lie flat on their abdomen with their arms against their bodies in unusual and sometimes dangerous situation. After which the photo of them 'planking' will be uploaded onto social medias like facebook. The recent death involves a fellow 'planker' lying attempting to lie on his balcony and unfortunately falling to his death.
  I think that this is actually a very dangerous thing to do, it not only can injure a person, but it can kill someone just like the person in this article. And all of this is just to post some picture on facebook to gather interest. It is not worth someone's life or possibly time to just do these kind of things for fun. Their time can be better spent

Clementi Mall draws 49000 visitors daily

  This article is about the recently opened Clementi Mall attracting a huge number of visitors daily. I think that the Clementi Mall is a good example of town planning in Singapore. They not only just made a mall, but they integrated it with 2 blocks of residential, MRT and a Bus Interchange. Having this not only saves space, but makes it very convient for shoppers or residents to access such amenities easily, instead of travelling for long periods of time to reach a certain area.  This is something other countries could learn from Singapore. It will not only save time for people, but encourage public transport due to the close proximity of such stations.

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