Monday, May 16, 2011

Article Reflection on SM Goh and MM Lee leaving the Cabinet

I am refering to the article on Straits Times on May 16, titled "S'poreans confident PM Lee can overcome Cabinet losses" and "Some feel pace of change in Cabinet is too fast", all about Senior Minister Goh and Minister Mentor Lee announcing on May 14 that they leaving the Cabinet. Most of the people whom the journalists interviewed feel that their announcement on them leaving the Cabinet is too sudden, and it would take time to adjust to the changes. Some feel that they should stay as the backbone of the Cabinet, as long as they are in the Cabinet, they have a say. Majority feel that this would allow current Prime Minister Lee and his team a "fresh, clean slate" to carry Singapore forward in a more difficult and complex situation. Some feel that even if they leave the Cabinet, that can still give advice.
I feel that the change is too sudden and shocking, as both former Prime Ministers have governed Singapore and lead Singapore to what it is today. If they leave, the Cabinet would not have a strong support from people with lots of experience. But on the flip-side, the voters and people who would like a better Singapore now are the younger generation. MM Lee and SM Goh are from what I call the "Golden Generation", the generation whose experience come from the past. With younger voters and suggestions, they might not be able to connect with them as easily as in the past.
Overall, I feel that this change is sudden, but still we have to adapt to it and continue to sustain the modern Singapore.

Preston Ngoui

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