Monday, May 16, 2011

Article Reflection - Lee Si Yuan (16)

Title of Article: Debate online over reserved MRT seats
As a commuter, after reading this article, I was wondering why people doesn't care about the Reserved seats. However, I feel that the Reserved Seats are extra. Usually when commuters encounters people that needed the seats, they will automatically give up their seats for them. In this article, it was mentioned that the person that did not gave up the seat lost one side of his contacts and that he apologized online. Why create such a fust over such small issues in the first place?

Title of Article: Gets Lady Gaga on Farmville
This article shows you how Lady Gaga is using Facebook to advertise for herself. She is using FarmVille. I think its a very clever idea to use FarmVille as a way to advertise her songs as FarmVille is one of the most top played game in Facebook and there are "missions" which is of similar storyline of Lady Gaga's songs.

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