Monday, May 16, 2011

Article Reflection - Jun Hong

Article 1: Dealing emotions in the cyber realm, Page 8, IN Newspaper

I too believe that emotions are much stronger on the Internet than in real life. So one must be prepared for the disadvantages of playing in the cyber realm, not get your emotions run high and start acting rashly. If one are experiencing cyber bullying, one must either report to the administrator, quit the game or report to your parents for guidance. Some people are vengeance-hungry and start to gang up against you in the cyber realm, causing one to get irritated or emotional. One should have to manage themselves to control their gaming and not get carried away.

Article 2: He's so Yam-my, Page 10, IN Newspaper

Even though Mr Yam Ah Mee has a unique way of communicating, we should not edit his picture because of that. But buying a T-shirt or mug with his face on it is fine, since some people wants to idolize him. His unique way of talking makes him special and people should not criticize on that. They should be put into to Mr Yam's shoes and feel what he is experiencing when he that his picture has been edited into another. He may not like what his "fans" are trying to do him.

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