Monday, May 16, 2011

Article Comments - Benjamin Fheng (12)

First article: IN newspaper/Page 3/Title: The myths about cannabis/9-5-11

I have watched many shows that talk or feature this drug. I have also heard of the 420 celebration in San Francisco to consume marijuana(cannabis). People say that they love marijuana and would like marijuana to be legal so everyone can have the pleasure of smoking it. I thought marijuana, such as any other illegal drug, would cause severe damage and lose control of their organs and make them close to death. But marijuana seems to be affecting the emotional side. I have always thought why people want to legalise marijuana and not other drugs such as cocaine. This article has told me that marijuana has not many very serious effects on physical health but on the mental health.

Second article: IN newspaper/page 12/Title: Don't end up with virtually nothing/9-5-11

This article says that gaming is taking over many lives. Free to play games have also a motive behind them so that people will spend money to buy purchases to improve their character or make them more powerful. Such examples include maplestory. Maplestory is a game played by millions worldwide. People usually use real money to buy digital money to upgrade their character or buy online things. The point is, you are paying real money for virtual things and you do not gain anything in real life for it except maybe fame from your friends.

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