Monday, May 16, 2011

Article Commenting (Cherin)

Title: Roles Reversed as the young mentor the old

People always had the belief that the old must mentor the old and not the other way around. To me, this feels like the old are seriously underestimating  young peoples' potential and ability. There are always some information, such as how to use the computer, that older people have not even learned or they are hesitant to use it. This is where young people can step in to mentor the old.

Information comes from a mixed group of sources, young and old, which are usually not linked. Therefore, to see one side of the story does not mean you immediately know what is the other. Getting to know younger and older people will fill up this gap. But of course, for this mentoring to work, both parties must have the desire to learn, or else its useless.

Title: Dealing with past hurts

Not many children deal with the hurts that they face, even so survive through the whole thing. I personally salute to them for having the will to survive through their life and still be normal. 
This experience fortunately a good starting point for his art. This way people understand the feeling of hurt as a child. Its possible for that to do something to help abandoned children.

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