Friday, March 25, 2011

Analysis of Letter by Gwendolyn Chee (3)

The write has used ethos by stating in his letter that he have been impressed with your past voting record, and he hopes that the congressman will continue to make excellent decisions on behalf of his state. This would make congressman agreeable to the aim of the writer, to support the gun control legislation that will be on the November ballot. And as the writer’s own child was killed by a gun accident, it makes him a more credible and trust-worthy person as compared to a person who has never had or experienced a gun incident.

A large part of the letter is logos used by the writer. An example is that most criminals that used guns purchased it from the black market, but majority of those guns were brought legally or stolen from stores selling them legally. Thus, if, the gun control laws were more strict to begin with, those guns would not have made their way into the black market and into the hands of criminals.

The writer used pathos by using his own child’s death as an emotional appeal to the congressman. If the writer did not bring this up, the congressman might not have been able to sympathize with the writer’s plight.

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