Friday, March 25, 2011

Activity 3: Analysis of Letter by Christopher John(11)

The writer has used ethos as he started out with “I have been so impressed with your past voting record, and I am hoping that you will continue to make excellent decisions on behalf of your state. ” This sentence is written to please the politicians thus they will agree with him more readily. From all the research that he has given to support his claim (Logos), it shows that he is good in the topic.

The writer uses pathos as he plays on the politician's emotion by bringing up that his son was killed by a firearm and that he is a parent. He adds emotions to his words and he gives details like “In 1993, there were 24,526 people murdered, 13,980 with handguns, yet only 251 justifiable homicides by civilians using handguns. ” He also asks questions that make the politicians guilty if they do not agree like “Do you want to be responsible for supporting legislation that would make more such incidents occur?

The writer uses logos as he supports his claim with facts like “However research has shown that a gun kept in the home is 43 times more likely to kill a member of the household, or friend, than an intruder. ” He gives examples of arguments that opponents of the gun control gives and he gives his own counterargument to further support his claim and to undermine the arguments of the opponents of the gun control.

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