Friday, March 25, 2011

Activity 3: Analysis of Letter by Stacey Yip (5)

The writer used ethos by being straightforward, asking the politicians, whether they are willing to be accountable for more unnecessary loss of deaths due to carelessness. He used logos by researching and providing information on past incidents and statistics to support his point. He quoted a lot of information and did in-depth research to show the politicians the facts and thus sway their decision to his favour. He used pathos by tapping on the emotional aspect that he had lost his son because of the lenient laws and wants to make a difference to prevent that from happening with another family. He also used pathos to the receiver, saying that he looked through his past records and knows  that the person will make the right decisions. This will persuade the person even more as the writer showed confidence on what decisions he will make. Though the writer was very persuasive, he did not actually give out the full statistics on the problem. He did not state how many actually had benefited from this matter. But overall his letter was a very persuasive one.

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