Friday, March 25, 2011

Activity 3: Analysis of letter by See To Yu XIang (20)

Yu Xiang's report :

Firstly, the style of logos was visibly used as John Simmons, the writer of the letter had stated a lot of facts in this letter. For example, he stated FBI research data when discussing the amount of people murdered, that were killed with firearms. He also stated facts a lot of facts from other sources, such as medical journal to help support the stand he was taking.
Secondly, the style of Pathos was also used in this letter to the congressman, and it was evident from the beginning already. The John Simmons had stated that he had actually lost a child to a gun accident, and this statement was visibly trying to emotionally move the congressman to changing the current law of buying guns. John Simmons had also stated that his son was actually killed by a gun belonging to a person who only wanted to protect his household, but it accidentally fell into the hands of a child. Asking the congressman reading this letter to think about this, he is also visibly trying to emotionally move the congressman.
Lastly, the style of ethos was also used, as in the last paragraph of the letter, John Simmons stated that he had a right to live, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as a citizen of the United States. This statement was visibly trying to tell the congressman that the writer had the authority to have a say in this topic, thus fulfilling the law of ethos.

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