Friday, March 25, 2011

Activity 3: Analysis of Letter by Rayner Tan (21)

The author started out well by praising the congressman and saying things like he hope he will continue making good decisions. He then uses Pathos to bring up emotional aspects. One very clear example is he brought up the topic of his lost child via a stolen gun. Losing a child is a very sensitive topic and he kept stressing it even at the end. He also had a lot of facts that shocked people. He combined those facts with emotions to make them more striking. He also had a few rhetorical questions at the back of those facts, which makes the congressman guilty if he does not listen to the parent. Logos was present. The way this person arranged the content was logical: A good hello in the beginning, straight to the point of his lost child and his request. Stated facts from the past, told him why he should listen via rhetorical questions, ended politely with a gentle reminder to vote for sticker laws.

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