Friday, March 25, 2011

Activity 3: Analysis of Letter by Lee YuChong (17)

In the sample article, the author did not use much phrases boasting authority or any form of superiority. The only thing the author tried using was his voting ability by bringing up the Congressman’s past voting record. Thus, Ethos was not used heavily in this article. Emotional appeal, or Pathos, was used heavily in this article as the author brings up the topic of losing a child to start and end the letter. Losing a child is a sensitive topic, and the author stresses it out, that the child was killed by a stolen gun, hoping the congressman will sympathize with him. He also puts the main points and facts that he has mentioned into the emotional appeal, to make those facts stand out even stronger. Also, the letter also taps on the Congressman’s inner guilt, by asking rhetorical questions that make the Congressman feel guilty if the law is not passed. Logic and reasoning, or Logos, was also used heavily to present facts, to link the facts, and to draw conclusions from the facts, and by presenting numerical facts. For example, by showing the link between legal guns and black market guns. By showing facts, it makes the letter more convincing. Thus, the writer used Pathos and Logos to make his letter convincing, with a small bit of Ethos involved. 

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