Friday, March 25, 2011

Activity 3: Analysis of letter by Hardy Shein (14)

John Simmons has managed to use ethos, pathos and logos in this persuasion letter.
Ethos meaning credibility, John was able to persuade the Congressman with ethos as he was providing his own perspective on the matter. John stated that he has just lost his child to a gunshot accident. Thus, saying that he is a victim of the matter.
I believe John actually used some ways to twist the feelings of the Congressman whilst trying to persuade him. As seen in his first paragraph, he was congratulating the Congressman for making, in John’s perspective, a good voting record. By doing so, Congressman might feel good in thinking that his decisions are respected. In order to keep that status, it might appeal to him to follow the citizen, John Simmons’ request.
John Simmons mentioned numerous statistical data on the number of fatalities and accidents. This would promote the fact that there are so many bad happenings caused by this. This will persuade the Congressman to vote for a no home gun possessing. 

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