Thursday, January 27, 2011

When bears come to stay, warriors come to stay by Hardy Shein Nyein Chan

It’s spring in Emerald Green Forest. Full of various Flora and Fauna in the wide diversity of the forest. The inhabitants are preparing for the new year ahead. With the limitless life forms both predators and prey, among them, resides a little town. Green Town, is a little town of people which live humbly with a rich supply of food and water. They have been living here for many generations in peace.

However, recently, there has been an increasing number of reports from the local townsmen that there has been many dangerous encounters from bears. Even people who live in the outskirts of the forest like researchers and farmers have had numerous encounters.

Many have raised their concerns about their safety. Farmer Joe, forty years old, had stated in an earlier interview, “I have been living in this forest for five generations. The bears’ population has indeed increased this year. I have ten children. I worry that they might get hurt as they skip school sometimes due to the bear problem.”

Apparently, due to the lack of security for the town’s people, the government has sent a few battalions to secure the area. Despite the security given by the soldiers, their method of doing so is also not liked by some of the natives. “The funny thing that the government has come to kill the bears and we natives think that it is not a good idea,” states Farmer Joe. The governments actions are also found to be against animal rights despite the benefits. Sgt. Maj. John Chris, 26 years old, and part of a military battalion, states, “ I have been on secret missions for years. my team was posted here in Emerald Green Forest under orders of General Hudson. We would go hunting for bears and it was in one of those hunts when I lost a comrade who died when he when too close to a bear. What we were told is to control the overpopulation of bears in the forest. We were armed with silence pistols, rifles, if it is too far, silence snipers. There are alo some special security in the school grounds as most bears have been spotted to be near the school.” Dr. Tim had also stated another solution, “Urine to mark artificial territories to rebel the bears. This way, we can use artificially similar chemicals to repel the bears.” However, this still a debatable matter.

With the increasing number of bears, their predators would also be coming in. Maga Maga, Chief of the Luka Luka nomadic tribe, 20 years of age, stated, “ We came here to hunt of bears for food and for the large supply of water. We move around getting food. When we get enough food here, we will move on.” It was also heard that the Luka Luka Tribe do not “get along” well with the soldiers. This might also lead to other problems.

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