Thursday, January 27, 2011

Soldiers sent by Government to hunt down harmful bears - Benjamin Fheng

Sergeant Major, John Chris sent to hunt down bears in a forest which threatens villagers and school students. He is far doing a good job except unexpected turn of events with native Luka Luka tribe living in forest.
Sergeant Major, 26, John Chris was sent by the government 6 months ago to hunt down bears. He is specialised in jungle warfare and specialised weaponry. He also has experience with bears as his 8 years in the army include 3 months of bear hunting. Sergeant John has so far successfully hunted down 11 bears near the school in the middle of the forest. 
It started with the overpopulation of bears which is still under investigation by environmentalists. It is said that the bears lived in caves and their footprints are a very common sight all around the forests. “We don’t know what’s causing them to overpopulate but it isn’t looking good.” Environmentalist Yap says. 
A few days ago, Sergeant John has encountered natives which have been hunting the bears as well. A recent interview with students and farmers said that the Luka Luka tribes people usually pass by and are scavenging, but never disturb or harm the villagers. Thus they leave the tribesmen alone. 
Sergeant John is wary of the tribesmen may one day try to harm him when they find out he is taking their prey. But, since they have the same objective of hunting bears, Sergeant John isn’t really bothered at all. “The tribesmen may have hunted the bears for food or clothing.” Says nearby villagers as the tribesmen are commonly clothed in bear skin.
Sergeant John hopes that he will find the source and problem of the over population of bears. His biggest obstacle, however, is some environmentalists that object the hunting down of bears. “It makes them think we are threats!” A nearby environmentalist says. Everybody in the forest hope that this problem can be solved with minimal damage.

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