Thursday, January 27, 2011

Recent sightings, unveiled.

Recent sightings, unveiled.
By: Stacey Yip


In the past few months, there were more reported sightings of bears, soldiers and nomad tribes in the forest. This had started to worry parents about their safety of their child in school and some, have even stopped their children from going to school at all.

Farmer Joe, a 40 year old farmer, whose family has lived in this forest for 5 generations expressed his concern for his ten children whom he allowed to have them skip school for the past few weeks due to the increase in the bear population. “If I steer clear of them, they would not bother me.” says Mr Joe when asked about the nomad tribe: the Luka Luka tribe.

Maga Maga, the chief of the Luka Luka tribe, announced to the public that they mean no harm and that they were just passing through the forest to stock up their food and water supplies. They would be staying for a while longer then usual as the increase of bear population is a chance for them to stock up their food. When asked to comment on the experiments his witch doctor is doing, he said that appropriate punishment would be carried out for the trouble he has caused to the people.

The government has heeded the concerns of the people and started posting more men into the forest to protect the people. In an interview with Sergeant Major, John Chris, he said that other then being posted here to Emerald Green forest to protect the people from the bear problem, and that they are also here on a top secret mission sent by the government. When pressed to disclosed more information about the mission, he only said that it is related to the bear problem and declined to give any more information.

 Investigations are still on-going about the sudden increase of the bear population in the forest. Environmentalist, Tim Yap, strongly believes that the age of dinosaurs have come again as he has encountered some form of dinosaurs in the forest when he was doing his daily trekking. Mr Yap have so far been the only one to encounter dinosaurs. Other environmentalists are arguing about the validity of this.  The witch doctor from the Luka Luka tribe disclosed in an interview that these sightings of “dinosaurs” and “giant footprints” might be his pet lizard whom he had enlarged and had unfortunately escaped.

The people of Emerald Green forest is advised to keep a look out for sightings of the witch doctor’s enlarged lizard and possibly, dinosaurs.

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