Thursday, January 27, 2011

Overpopulation of Bears in Forest worries citizens

By: Preston Ngoui Posted on: 20 Jan 2011

The issue of overpopulation of bears in the forest has worried citizens. Even with the presence of soldiers and tribes to ensure the citizens’ security, many still fear bears invading their lives.
Tim Yap, an environmentalist at Paragon School, has been researching animals in the forest for years. He thinks that instead of bears, there are dinosaurs in the forest. “I found giant footprints in the forest a few days back, and I believe only dinosaurs are big enough to make a footprint that big.” commented Tim.
John Chris, a soldier in this country, has been on a secret mission in this forest for 5 years. Everyday he goes into the forest, he sees bears. “One of my friend was attacked by a bear, and I never saw him again.” said John. He reported seeing bears near Paragon School.
Joe, an everyday farmer, has been living in the forest for 5 generations. His crops have already been trembled on, possibly by a wild animal. He has 10 children, all of which go to Paragon school. They have been recently skipping school due to some odd reason, possibly they are afraid of bears attacking them.
The Government would like to advice everyone to keep a lookout for bears and should they happen to see any, they should alert the local authorities immediately.

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