Thursday, January 27, 2011

News Paper Articles about Emerald Forest - Michelle Dapito

Are they here to stay?



It has been reported recently that there has been an increase in the number of bears in the forest. Some members of the forest were interviewed and asked about how they feel about the significant increase in bears.

A soldier, who was sent to the forest on a top secret mission by General Hudson, was interviewed about the population of bears nowadays. “For now, my team and I are killing bears to control their population. Some equipments we use to kill these bears are pistols and snipers.” said the soldier, who refused to reveal his full name. When asked more questions about the mission, he ignored the media and walked off with his team.

A 40-year-old farmer, Farmer Joe, who has lived in this forest for 5 generations already, also said that he has noticed the increase in the bear population. “The government has already sent some soldiers to control the population of these bears. What I am worried about is the eduction of my 10 children. Because of these bears, they have been skipping school for 3 consecutive weeks already. I hope this problem will be resolved soon as it is affecting a lot of people now.” said Farmer Joe, expressing his feelings on the bear population.

Tribesmen from the Lukaluka tribe have also moved to stay in the forest of Emerald. The tribe leader Magnamagna is reported to be 20 years old and leads his people to hunt bears down. According to the forest residents, the tribesmen do not disturb them as long as they do not disturb the tribesmen. “We are going to leave this forest as soon as possible after we finish hunting our food.” said Magnamagna.

There have been no reported cases of deaths and attacks caused by bears so far, but members of the forest still have to take caution wherever they go. A lot of residents are asking, “Are they here to stay?” For now, soldiers are still investigating on the case. Just stay on listening to ChannelNewsSST for more information regarding this case.

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