Thursday, January 27, 2011

Bear Invasion frightens civilians- Lee YuChong

In the past year, many civilians have been frightened from the increased sighting of bears in Emerald Green forest. It is a very interesting scene in the forest as soldiers are mobilising, an increased amount in the activities of bears and even Dinosaur sightings.

In the past year, civilians have reported that an increase in bear and military activity has taken place in the forest. When asked for comments, the military has not been willing to tell us anything other than the fact that the military was there to initiate a secret mission regarding the bears and has informed the civilians that they have nothing to worry about. The concentration of bear sightings have not been confirmed, with some saying that the concentration is at Paragon School and others say it is not.

Reports of a dinosaur that has been reported. Doctor Yap has mentioned that he sat on a rock, thinking that it was a stone, had turned out to be the tail of a dinosaur. Ama Ama, a witch doctor from the Luca Luca tribe, a nomad tribe who come to the forest when needed to gather materials like food and water. Ama Ama has claimed that the dinosaur is actually a lizard that has been enlarged due to a spell, and is not a dinosaur. Maga Maga, the leader of the Luca Luca tribe, has commented that the tribe is only passing through the area and mean no harm. He has also said that he will be punishing his witchdoctor for releasing and experimenting without his permission.

Farmer Joe, a civilian of the forest commented that, the Government has sent the soldiers to kill the bears, since the population of the bears have increased. However, his livestock has not been disappearing. His 10 children who were attending Paragon school, has not gone to school recently due to the bear problem, for their own safety. He also feels that there is not a real problem with the tribes people. The tribes people come to the forest every year for resources and if the forest people don’t disturb them, they will also not disturb the forest people.

This entire ordeal could have happened with the introduction of a new bear species by an unknown person, thus causing the ecological balance of the forest to fall apart. The government could have been using the bear problem as a cover-up for the research of a new species of dinosaur or giant lizard. It could have been a top-secret experiment by the government. So far, nothing has been confirmed other than the fact that the bear population has been increasing.

The Government has advised everyone to not walk around alone in the forest and go as a group as it is safer.

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