Thursday, January 13, 2011

Funny headlines

Microsoft's CEO Steve Ballmer takes a bite out of Apple.

This morning, at Washington DC, America, Microsoft's staff had a reason to celebrate wildly. The technology giant finally beaten apple in the market of tablet computers, marking their second billion Windows 7 tablet sold. Microsoft supporters were seen happily hanging around the streets with their Microsoft devices, for example, the new Windows 7 tablet. When one supporter was interviewed, this was what he said, "Lately, Apple Computers have been getting pretty smart in the IT world, so Windows decided that there was only one way to beat Apple, by pricing their Windows 7 tablets at 50 bucks each. And suddenly, there was this whole lot of old ladies queueing up to buy the Windows 7 tablet, and the employees were selling dozens of tablets by the minute. I believe this move also has another purpose, to clear Microsoft's storerooms of its tons and tons of unsold tablets."

See To Yu Xiang

NOTE : This article was done as part of an english homework, and everything mentioned here isn't true, it was just meant to be a joke.

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