Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Beary Big Problem!

Beary Big Problem!
By Forest Times Daily
Emerald Forest - 
Lately, the frequent appearances of bears have been worrying lots of forest civilians in the maga-maga forest. When interviewed, some civilians mentioned that their crops have been trampled on, and some villagers even stopped sending their kids to school, due to their concern for the safety of their child.
Approximately 6 months ago, when frequent sightings of humongous, brown bears around the forest, and the destruction of crops on some farms, the residents of the forest started worrying that the bears might become a major problem for them to deal with soon. Some of them worry to the extent that they do not send their kids to school, fearing for their safety. When Forest Times Daily went to some nearby farms, to confirm the fact that their crops had in fact been trampled on before, some farmers confirmed that their crops had been trampled on before, even showing some photos of the damages. Forest Times Daily also visited a few neighborhood schools, to interview the teachers and check if a sudden influx of students have not been attending school, due to the problem of the bears. Sure enough, the teachers recounted that students have been providing the teachers with explanation slips, stating that they could not come to school due to the problem of the bears.
A possible explanation for the sudden appearances of the bears, as majority believed when interviewed, said that it was possibly due to the sudden amount of food available, and also not enough of the bears being hunted and killed by hunters. By having such a good life, their population grew.
Forest Times Daily believes that the government is aware of the problem, and is trying their best to deal with it, by calling in soldiers from a nearby county. Apart from the sudden sightings of the bears over the forest, a few residents also reported seeing soldiers with special weapons or equipment of sorts. 
When interviewed, a local environmentalist, Tim Yap, said, ‘I remember finding some mines and empty bullets shells on the floor once, when I was out in the woods on a stroll’.
When Forest Times Daily interviewed a zoologist, Dr Yap, for suggestions on how to prevent bears from an area, this was his reply, ‘Having the urine of a larger bear might ward off the bears, due to their territorial nature. Having a campfire might also work. ’
Looking at the current situation, Forest Times Daily guess that the government might still be trying to find a solution for the problem of the bears. Anyone with information on the bears, please contact the Forest Police at 189-2367

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