Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Beary Big Problem

In the month of January 2011, the residents of Emerald forest has spotted big footprints and crops being stolen. Plastic bags, bullets and poison arrows are also spotted on the forest grounds. This arises to a speculation of bears in that area.
Soldiers are being sent by the Government to Emerald forest. Especially near Pentagon School, where many sightings of bears have been reported.
According to John Chris, 26 years old, a soldier, “ I have been sent here by General Huston on a top secret mission. Yes, I have seen sightings of bears, my partner died in this forest due to bear attacks.”
When asked who hunts the bears, John Chris replies, “Myself of course! I use pistols and rifles to kill them! But there’s this tribe who also hunts the bears and they think I cannot see them.”
According to residents, the tribe is this forest is called LukaLuka. “The footprint could be my pet lizard, which I have used witchcraft to enlarge it, to make it easier to find my lizard. The last time I saw my lizard, it was near the school,” said AhmaAhma, 140 years old, a witchdoctor in the tribe of LukaLuka,”I’ve used this witchcraft on insects as well, but the main purpose to make myself look bigger.”
Magamaga ,20 years old ,chieftain of the LukaLuka tribe, comments,”We came here to hunt for food, especially bears, and water. This is exactly what the Great Leader does. We know that the soldier also wants to hunt down the bears, but without the soldier there, we are faster.”
When asked about AhmaAhma’s pet lizard, Magamaga replies, “ Yes, its true that the lizard has been enlarged, but it is without my permission.”
Magamaga turns to face AhmaAhma and yells,” AhmaAhma, for disobeying me, you’re on wood-cutting duty!”
This reporter asked a local resident of the forest, Tim Yap, 30, Environmentalist.
He believed there could be a population of Dinosaurs and an over population of bears.
He thinks that due to an abundance of food, bears are reproducing extremely fast.
A farmer, Farmer Joe, 40 who has lived in the forest for five generations, comments,”My crops have been disrupted and I have no clue how to repel bears.”
Dr Yap interjects,”The urine of a larger bear may work, or having a campfire around the barn at night.”
“But I am poor and I do not want to burn my own crops,”Farmer Joe replies,” I know the LukaLuka tribe comes here around this time every year and the soldiers can help us. With these people around, I am worried about the safety of my children.”
When asked what crops he grows, “ I grow maize and cassava and I sell these crops at MangaManga village.”
This problem has proven to be complicated. Whatever the animal is in this forest, it eats Maize and Cassava, its located near Pentagon school and a more through investigation is needed.

by: Cherin Tan 

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