Thursday, January 27, 2011

Bear-y Big Problem!

Bear-y Big Problem!
By: Chio Jia Le

Lately, the frequent appearances of bears have been worrying lots of forest civilians in the maga-maga forest. When interviewed, some civilians mentioned that their crops have been trampled on, and some villagers even stopped sending their kids to school, due to their concern for the safety of their child.

It all started approximately 6 months ago, when a farmer caught some bears roaming in the forest. From then on, bear sightings has been heard and seen very commonly. The bears which are witnessed to be black sun bears have been spotted all around the forest grounds.

The main cause of bears intruding their village is probably the fact that the nearby forest which used to be the bears habitat have be destroyed, and thus the bears have no choice but to call this forest their home.

*Please note. If you have seen or spotted any sightings of bears around you, please call 9968-7686 or alert the nearest park ranger.

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