Thursday, January 27, 2011

Bear-y Big Problem

It all started approximately 6 months ago, when a farmer caught some bears roaming in the forest. From then on, bear sightings has been heard and seen very commonly. The bears which are witnessed to be black sun bears have been spotted all around the forest grounds.
The bears have been responsible for the destruction of crops on some farms.
Some of the residents have even stop bringing their children to school because of this. Security fences have been put up around the village to prevent villagers to encounter with the bears.
The government of the forest have also given permission to set traps around the village. “We will make the bears know that this is not their home, this is ours.” the village chief announced. A group of military force has also been summoned to hunt down the bears to unsure the safety of the villagers.
The main cause of bears intruding their village is probably the fact that the nearby forest which used to be the bears homes have be cut down, thus the bears have no choice but to call this forest their home.
If you have seen any bears near or in the village compounds, please call 3024-1249 or alert the nearest park ranger.

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