Thursday, January 27, 2011

A bear-some war between the present and past warriors

There are mysteries in every shadow of Emerald Forest. Bears have been appearing all of a sudden. Tribesmen and soldiers have an uneasy peace and an mysterious and elusive giant reptile lurks in the shadows of the forest.

The entire forest is filled with bears. Tribesmen hunt the bears down for food. A certain person who lives in Emerald Forest describes the tribesmen as something similar to cannibals but they are just scavengers. Soldiers are swarming the entire forest, trying to protect the village and the villagers against the rampaging bears. They were sent there by the government to “kill bears because of overpopulation and for a top secret.” A certain person called Farmer Joe is against the killing of the bears. There is a cold war between the tribesmen and the soldier, an uneasy peace. There is a mysterious and elusive giant reptile/s that lurks the forest. No one has seen it except for a doctor and a witch doctor. The witch doctor said that it is his pet lizard that he had enlarged with a potion. No one really believes him except for his fellow tribesmen. The tribe leader, Maga Maga said that he will personally see to the punishment of the witch doctor for letting loose such a creature into the forest.

No one knows why there are so many bears. There is no scientific reason for the bears to pop out of the forest all of a sudden. The witch doctor said that it is his pet lizard that he had enlarged with a potion. He enlarged the lizard so that he can find it easily but ironically, he had lost it.

The Beary Forest Times will look into this deeper and will try to find out the “Top Secret”, the reason for the onslaught of bears and the mysterious and elusive reptile nicknamed by BFT as Hazy Lizy.

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