Thursday, January 27, 2011

Bear Frenzy! - Rayner Tan Xue Wen

Sightings of bears brings concerns to the citizens of Emerald Green Forest. Government has sent military reinforcements to hunt down the bears and fend off the bears. According to residents, apparently the Luka Luka Tribe of the forest has been feeding on the bears and a mini-scale war is on the verge of breaking out.

The Luka Luka Tribe migrates to this forest around this time of year for food as the bears(their favourite dish) grow in large numbers around this time of the year. But this year the bears seem to be appearing places other than their habitats. The government is still investigating for the cause of this weird outcome of events.

Dr. Yap, an environmentalist says, “Maybe the bears are running away from something big that has taken over their habitats. I saw big footprints recently, I suspect it is a dinosaur.” Maga Maga, the chief of the Luka Luka Tribe says, “The Military the Government has sent is a huge threat to our existence, using our expertise in the art of silent killing, we will eliminate the soldiers, one by one... The bears are our life source, our food, the government has just sent men to kill them and deplete our food supply, therefore we must fightback for our Human Rights and freedom! As for the rumour of the dinosaur scaring off the bears, I suspect it is our witch-doctor’s, ama ama’s, pet lizard which he super-sized to find him easily. He reported to me that he recently lost his pet. I will look into that matter and if necessary, he will face serious disciplinary actions...”

Other residents such as mothers of school children are very much troubled by the matter as they could no longer send their children to school without any fear or worry. “I sometimes make my children skip school to evade the bears,” says Mr Joe, a local farmer.

As of now, what worries the government the most is the rumors of the dinosaur and the possibility of the war with the tribe since there is a possibility of the dinosaur being their super-sized pet lizard, the Tribe can use it against their soldiers. They are considering sending in more reinforcements despite the fact that the Luka Luka Tribe does not want the soldier’s present.

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